Barley Studio provide environmental and mechanical protection for windows, both ancient and modern

Keith Barley MBE pioneered the use of Environmental Protective Glazing in the UK to preserve our vulnerable stained glass. This reversible intervention effectively preserves endangered glass whilst keeping it within the architectural setting, and has been adopted by the majority of stained glass conservators in Great Britain.

Internally Ventilated Environmental Protective Glazing (EPG, previously known as ‘Isothermal’ Glazing) protects stained glass from the damaging effects of moisture, whether external (weathering) or internal (condensation). Externally ventilated EPG is also possible, however testing over many years has shown internal ventilation to be more effective, especially in reducing condensation on the vulnerable internal painted surface. Our preference therefore is for internal ventilation wherever possible.

Mechanical protection from impact damage, whether accidental or malicious, is generally provided using wire guards. Secondary glazing, through the installation of an additional glazing layer, can also be used for mechanical protection, and to improve both heat insulation and sound-proofing of a building whilst preserving historic leaded glazing.

Where both environmental and mechanical protection are required, options include environmental protective glazing in combination with wire guards, and environmental protective glazing using laminated glass as the external glazing layer.

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